Simon J.W. Fogg.


My interest in military history started from a very young age, with the influence of my father – who was an ex-serviceman himself. He often showed me some of his military kit, what was what, and reminisced of his old army days in the Household Cavalry.

Being a local lad, I’ve been intrigued by the wartime history on Woodbury Common, pretty much as long as I can remember! With Dad’s military knowledge, and an already established interest in history, the World War Two era was inevitably going to become a passion.


Firing a Russian Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, made in 1942.

I have been a militaria collector since 2007 (from the age of 13), specialising in the development of Small Arms Ammunition and 19th/20th Century to modern military firearms. Over the last decade, I have built up a collection and knowledge of military equipment – and there’s still always more to learn! As well as a collector, I am also a competent target rifle shooter, having a real firsthand experience with original World War Two weaponry, gaining a more technical ‘Hands On’ aspect of 1940’s warfare. My passion for all things military didn’t just stop with finding war relics, as I spent a few years as a presenter and DJ on an online radio station which was in support of active-serving and veteran soldiers. My radio shows were regularly broadcast to troops deployed in Afghanistan and other bases.

As a collector, the military artefacts that I have found over the years spurred me on to record and start writing a document of the local wartime history to share with the local residents and like-minded people. In October 2016, I published my first book ‘Wartime Dalditch Camp and Finds On Woodbury Common’. A second publication of mine was in the March 2019 edition of ‘The Armourer‘ magazine, titled ‘Inside Dalditch Camp‘.

I also do ‘Dalditch Camp’ PowerPoint talks and also show parts of my collection at special commemorative exhibitions.

Since the publication of my book, I have been able to share my militaria knowledge to audiences at talks and presentations, along with creating a Facebook group with regular updates of new discoveries.



My Daldtich camp relic and WW1 memorabilia display with the Woodbury RBL – 11/11/2018.


WW1 memorabilia, Woodbury RBL – 11/11/2018.