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A new book on the Royal Marine Dalditch training Camp, published 28th August 2019.

The new book by Simon J. W. Fogg, titled Inside Dalditch Camp, A Wartime History Of The Royal Marines On Woodbury Common, consists of 236 pages in full colour.

The subjects covered include;

  • Details of wartime finds from the site (cartridge cases, other ordnance and everyday objects from the camp).
  • ‘Blackhill Camp’, the camp erected on Woodbury Common in the 19th Century, up to WW1.
  • History of the WW2 Dalditch Royal Marine Camp. Details of the various areas of the camp; Nissen huts, Mess halls, Ablutions, Cinema, Information Wing, ‘Anti-Gas’ decontamination buildings, MT buildings, assault course, rifle ranges, hand grenade ranges, tank range, etc.
  • Maps, illustrations, WW2 photographs of the Marines in training, 1946 RAF aerial photo’s of Dalditch and the surrounding Woodbury Common.
  • WW2 Royal Marine training on Woodbury Common, detailed with text and illustrations from original WW2 training manuals.
  • WW2 bombing decoys – mock airstrip on Colyton Raleigh Common, ‘mock fire’ bombing decoys and Luftwaffe bombing craters around the Dalditch site.
  • 1942 Luftwaffe recce photographs of Dalditch and Woodbury Common area.

And lots more.

The book retails at £25 and is sold as a physical form locally in the Exmouth, Devon area.

Woods Village Stores, Colyton Raleigh, Devon.

Budleigh Information Office, West Hill, Budleigh, Devon.

Littleham Cross Post Office, Littleham, Exmouth, Devon.

If unable to visit locally, books can be sent in the post to a UK address for no extra fee, via the ‘Contact’ form at the top of the page.